Monday, February 19, 2007

My First Lunar New Year

I am 4 weeks old today!!! On Wednesday I will reach my full month milestone and go out with Mummy and Daddy to distribute the cuppies that Mummy has helped me to order!

Mummy says that I've turned two years old already by Chinese reckoning. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??!! I only drink milk, my actions are still limited to eating, sleeping, crying, peeing and pooing and I am still a little peanut!!! *TRAUMATISED*

It's been a quiet New Year for me because I haven't reached my full month yet, and Mummy is still doing her confinement, so we both stayed at home. But yesterday (1st day of Chinese New Year) just for fun Mummy put on new clothes for me, since both she and Granny agreed that just because I have to stay at home doesn't mean I can't follow the tradition of wearing new clothes on New Year's Day. So Mummy dressed me in the romper that Auntie Rosie and Krissa jiejie gave me. It lasted 2 hours before it became wet and uncomfortable (I got milk down my front). So after that it was back to everyday wear for me.

Mummy took a photo of me with my ang baos (YEA! I did get a few ang baos!) but unfortunately she can't find the camera cable, so she can't upload the photo. Ok, enough rambling for now...


slyam said...

Thanks for sharing your experience

Brenda said...

Yoyoyo! Ah Heng/Yixin,

I don't know your email addresses so I 'drop' the link for the Calendula Cream BP here..

I think it's worth trying..