Sunday, February 11, 2007

My birth story!

Mummy's favourite photo of me! This is how I look when I poo/fart and according to mummy it was a long wet fart.... Ok, enough of the disgusting stories, let's move on to more exiciting one about my birth story......
Around 19/1/2007 evening-21/1/2007:
Mummy experienced mild contractions that never really stopped during the day. Probably Braxton Hicks (BH)? But now mummy think back might be first stage - dilation ah. Anyhow quite painless so mummy carried on normal activities... even managed to go shopping on Saturday. hahaha.
21/01/2007 11+pm:
Mummy's contractions still dun feel different from the contractions of the past couple of days. So mummy tried timing for fun, but she didn't really know how to time (cannot tell if there are peaks or not). So by her own aggaration, maybe about 20min 1 contraction. Mummy was looking out for backache but no backache leh. So she ignored the contractions and tried to sleep.
1.19am: Mummy was awoken by strong contraction. Uncomfortable. Start timing. Next contraction maybe about 12 min later? Hmmm. Mummy didn't know to believe or not because still dun feel backache. But she got tummyache, wanted to poo. So went toilet to poo. But nothing much came out - thought constipation. Irritated. Went back to try to sleep.
1.19am - 1.50am: Intermittent toilet visits because of tummy ache and need to pee.
Around 1.50am: Show! But got a bit only. Mummy went back to check her doctor's notes, which said that even when show labour can still start one-two days later. Mummy contemplated whether to wake Daddy up. Mummy decided to wait and see if she can feel backache. Dun have leh! So how can be real contraction! Must be BH!
2am: Very strong contraction. Mummy finally woke Daddy up and told him contraction very strong and got show. He asked her to time it. Clocked in at 4.5min interval. PANIC. Mummy started changing, but took some time because contractions were so strong she couldn't focus when they were on.
Around 2.30am: Mummy finally finished changing. She even grabbed storybook (coz labour very long mah, right?) and file of antenatal and bfing class notes to read during her anticipated long wait. Daddy asked her to time her contractions as they went to hospital. First timing in the car, 3.75min! Daddy floored accelerator at 160km/h. By the time they reached hospital 12min later, the last timing between contractions was about 2 min. But still no backache leh. Question mark.
2.45am: Mummy was wheeled into delivery suite. Cervix check by midwife - 8-9cm dilated! Mummy's first thought: will the gynae get here in time??? Midwife rushed out to call gynae after getting gas ready for mummy.
2.45am-3.15am: Mummy felt very strong contractions and urge to push. I'M COMING!!!Worst time of mummy's life man... Mummy was so terrified, and gas machiam no use because she wasn't inhaling much since she was in total panic mode. Daddy had to leave for 5min during this time to go move his car because A&E insisted car was blocking the ambulance's way (erm, but there was no ambulance in sight lor).
Around 3.15-3.20am : Gynae arrives. Dresses, sits down and chats with Daddy. Mummy wanna faint liao. Win liao lor.
Around 3.20-3.25am: Gynae says can start pushing liao. But mummy was too panicky liao, could not take instructions. Two contractions and "pushes" later, gynae said Mummy wasn't pushing at all. Decided to vacuum me out (!#$%&*, that hurts lo.....). Mummy screamed (an scared me in the process) when gynae inserted the vacuum cap. She always say to me that it's an indescribable experience.
3.30am: Princess Claire descends upon the world!

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